Modern Day Ninja

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Fun. Edgy. Creative.

We are solving Global and Local problems with both mainstream and custom-styled technology that boosts entrepreneurial economies.

Working with our customers to position their brands, scale their businesses and communicate their value propositions using our customized approach combining effective web design and applications, enterprise solutions and digital expansion frameworks to expand their reach and transform their bottom-lines. Ninja style ROIs that you could never have imagined.

Our services may not be altogether unique but we dare say our delivery in quality, value and efficiencies are distinctive, miles apart from the others.

We support great ideas and embrace opportunities that build the ecosystem we thrive in. We are always looking for opportunities that boost employment, close skill & knowledge gaps and set new standards for Intelligence and Quality. We want everyone with an idea to recognize the potential and value communication technologies present in this era.

core intent

In the adaptation and use of technology across the global landscape, we are part of a race of geeks transforming our world one solution at a time. We work with key players across economies, governments, markets and industries. We see BIG.


Key Capabilities.

We provide expertise across Service Design, Experience Design, Marketing Communications and Implementation. For many of our clients we provide this full suite of services, and for others we provide a subset.

Strategy & Consulting

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Idea/Product Development Consulting

Technology Consulting

Content Strategy & Management

Training (Technology and Communications)


System Design & Prototyping

User Experience Design

Website Development

App Development (Web & Mobile)

Testing & Quality Assurance

Hosting and Security

Marketing Communications

Design & Prints Commuincation

Digital Marketing

TV & Radio

Brand Management

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Our Approach

Our Purpose

Integrity. Transparency. Continuity.

As we grow, we will continue to breed a tribe of super slaying tech ninjas.

1. Our Approach

We respect individuality but work as ateam. We value each person's unique perspective and we are diversified in our specialties. Our customers always find we bring a rich view to their projects; allowing us unlock the depth of the values they propose and thus communicate these ideas with ninja style tactics, strategies and spot-on excellence.

2. Our Staff, Ethics and Beliefs

We believe in people and spend time and resources to lead, inspire and empower. We are honest, hardworking, clever and passionate people who believe in fairness, justice and integrity. We advocate change and productivity through the efficient and aesthetic design of web solutions, application and communication campaigns.

3. Our Competitive Advantage

Ninjas like us are already set apart, our designs, our logic, our style and our methods keep our clients coming back. But did we mention, two thirds of our projects line up and our work portfolio reflect the culture of referrals that seem to define how we gain most of our business; clearly we do something very right.

Our Approach

Our Model

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    The Sit Down.

    By spending time with our clients to really understand their business and their customers, we're able to quickly understand the specific challenges each client has.
    Then we overcome them.

  • 02


    The Job.

    With our objective clearly defined, we work with you to brainstorm strategies to create an immediate and measurable impact on your business. Each strategy is coupled with a hypothesis, and prioritized by importance and effort level. The top strategies are put into a quarterly action plan and the remaining ideas are saved for the next iteration.

  • 03


    The Take-off.

    It’s time to dive in and get our hands dirty. Moodboards, wireframes, site maps and designs. Our team of strategists, designers and developers work with your team to create a beautiful and functional final product, no scope limitations or change orders required. It’s that simple.

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    How’d we do? Time to look back on our hypothesis and metrics to determine if we were successful. Once an objective is met, we can continue to iterate and improve upon it, or dig into our strategy queue to identify other objectives to tackle.

Modern Day Ninja

Our Modern Day Ninjas.

To Grow, as a People

Ask around and we’ll tell you, this is the best job I’ve ever had.

Our Recent Works

Recent Works.


Lagos Global

Web & Mobile

Change 365

Design & Print


Web, Design

Nigeria Direct

Web & Mobile, Digital




Brand Management

Wild Eagles

Brand Management

Tilly's Signature

Brand Management, Print

Mayan Pharmacy

Brand Management



Lady and Dian

Brand Management

Daily Nollywood


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